Here we have it – this is the third post following my determined effort to make the most of my 30th year. After sketching up the list of 30 things to do while I’m 30, I remember sheepishly hitting publish. I was afraid of a couple of things. I know I’m a long, long ways away from worrying about this, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t complete the list. I feared that I would get lost in my day-dreaming and that would be the all that really came of the list. I’m over that fear and am excited to just do the best I can with this list.

So what did I knock out from the list? Not much actually, but I hope I don’t think it was a failure altogether. I was successful with working out 4 times in the past week. I’ve also kept to recording the journey by way of weekly blog posts. I’ve also set aside the $1 a day once again. And I took my bride out for a date, so it was good to date my wife! So those things are coming along. I’ve also got a trip to Mackinaw Island on the map for June of 2016. So, while I didn’t scratch a ton of items off of my list over Thanksgiving weekend, I did get something planned to take care of later on!

Every week does not have to be extreme or exciting or pushing the limits of my comfortability. I don’t plan to travel the world because of this list. And I won’t be facing my biggest fears or anything crazy like that. This is more about knocking out the things that we like to sit and dream of doing some day, like short vacations with the family or setting aside that extra money. In fact, there is something about the mundane that I think scares people, isn’t there? There is something about having an uneventful life that (dare I get pointed with my thoughts) millennials just don’t like. If I wake up and my day looks like yesterday did, filing papers at work or keeping production running at a factory, I think today failed. Even more specific, if I have nothing noteworthy for social media (“Road trippin’!”, “Date Night!”, “New Car!”) then my day was just … eh.

What happened to today being enough? Why have I let myself get so bitter about putting in the work? Why do we get so distraught at the idea of our lives not being enough? And why am I so quick to compare, as if people on the other end of those social media posts do not have worries or struggles of their own?

This is just something I’m reflecting on. I don’t mean to rant. My list is not means to either escape my own life or equate to theirs, but rather to write a better story while I can. I’m tired of getting lost in the life that other people are writing and neglecting my own story. Do you find yourself embittered by the successes or stories from others? What are things that you’ve been putting off? What can you do to write a better story?

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