1,500 Quotations For Preachers (with slides) by @Logos

From the outset, I’ll say that there are not too many Logos products that disappoint. Might this be one that does? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Official Description From Logos.com

Find precisely the words you need for any occasion with 1,500 Quotations for Preachers, a five-volume set, with slides. Selecting a fitting quotation to share with your congregation—a task that can often take hours—will now take you minutes. In this resource you’ll find entries from more than one hundred authors and works, including Augustine of HippoJohn ChrysostomAnselm of Canterbury,Thomas AquinasJohn CalvinIgnatius of LoyolaRichard BaxterJohn BunyanG. K. Chesterton,Charles Spurgeon, and more. Share the quotations with professionally designed slides—one to accompany each quotation.

1,500 Quotations for Preachers:

  • Provides material for sermon prep—If you’re preaching on a Scripture or topic, you can search this resource to easily find relevant quotations.
  • Makes sharing easy—The slides make it easy to incorporate quotations into your presentation. To export a quotation into a document, just copy and paste, and the quotation will appear automatically footnoted with bibliographic information for the volume.
  • Makes for elegant presentations—The slide design matches the church era from which the quotation originated, setting the stage for you to articulate how your message connects with the history of Christian thought.
  • Saves time and effort—No need to comb through multiple books looking for an appropriate quotation. This curated collection is categorized multiple ways, making this resource easier to use than other quotation books.
  • Ready for using today—We have updated the archaic language (like “thee” and “thou”) from older sources, making these prayers ready to use in a modern context. The prayers are also abbreviated to a sermon-appropriate length.

This curated collection of 1,500 quotations, which works with Proclaim and other presentation software, is organized not only by church era, but by title, theme, and associated Scripture references. Every quotation includes a link to the original resource in your Logos library. Each quotation is just a few clicks away from being part of your sermon or message, edited to confirm with modern English to the perfect length for preaching.

Key Features

  • 1,500 quotations ready to use in your sermon or message
  • 1,500 accompanying professionally designed slides, with designs to match the church era from which the quote originated, allowing you to articulate how your message connects with the history of Christian thought
  • Each quotation linked to its original source in Logos
  • Searchability by Scripture, author, or other categories; the entire quotation can be easily exported
  • Categorization by theme, title, and affiliated Scriptures, making it easy to find just what you need for any occasion

Praise for the Print Edition

This is a robust set of volumes that has obviously been put together by a preacher who knows what preachers need in a quotation compendium. Preachers of every stripe will find this a beneficial addition to their Logos collection.—J. D. Greear, lead pastor, The Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC

My Thoughts

There is a lot that goes into preparing a sermon. You have to dig through layers of interpretation all the while attempting to evade your own inclinations and presuppositions. Logos appears to understand this age-old dilemma and is devoting much of its attention to simplifying the steps that a pastor takes to create a sermon and presentation, thereby saving time. So does this resource ultimately help a pastor out? Does it save the pastor time in research (or, maybe more importantly, is it worth the $93 asking price for all 1,500 Quotations)? The short answer is, yes.

If you are interested in this product than you most likely understand historical and modern theology is important. You understand that when attempting to depict themes of passages, you have got to have do a lot of work. You know that expositing a pericope so to result in an accurate application means you wrestle with the text alongside our forefathers – you don’t do it alone.

Though this resource does not replace an entire set of our church father’s works, nor does it offer that which a systematic theology text from the 19th or 20th centuries offers, this collections of quotations will get or keep your research headed in the right direction. Not only will it assist you in that way, but it will do the painstaking work of presenting your quote to your audience. Beautiful slides are already created for you and, once you find the slide that you need, it is only a matter of saving it to the PowerPoint or Proclaim slideshow that you’re using for your sermon. Pastorum has really done the behind the scenes work for you, so you can take care of what is seen on Sunday.

I just said, “once you find the slide that you need.” The question that you should be asking is, “How easy is it to sift through 1,500 quotations from theologians who have lived anytime over the last 2,000 years? If you use Logos 5, it is actually not that difficult at all. Let me show you!

I am doing a lesson this Sunday on the Church, so I opened up my Sermon Starter Guide and started typing the word “Church…” Logos finished the line with a few suggestions (“Church Fellowship & Unity,” “Church: Leadership,” “Church: Nature,” “Church,” and so on). I have my verse chosen already, and it matches the theme of “Church Fellowship & Unity” so I select that one and run the Sermon Starter Guide.


Now if I scroll down to Preaching Resources than I have a list of my Pastorum resources that are searched through for the theme of “Church.” Now rather than having a list of 1,500 quotations to sort through, it appears I have about 40 quotations to mine for what theological truths or themes that I am looking for.


It is really important to mention that all quotes, though some appear to be revised/updated for the ease of reading and understanding their original meanings (especially if you’re presenting them to a congregation), are linked back to their original resource. You’ll have to own a copy of the original resource to actually pull it up and read the context.

Though there is much more to this jam-packed resource, I pray that this is been both insightful and helpful. The collection is great and anybody who has studied and appreciates historical interpretation should give this serious consideration. Even if that is not your forté, than I would encourage you to look into this collection.


Click here to learn more and see it in action.




@Cheergive : The Simple Donation Tool

CheerGive: Let’s Make Giving Simple.

Brave Reviews gets contacted regularly by all sorts of people, not just book publishers or independent authors. I am meeting people from all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Australia and even South Africa! We have recently begun commenting on Bible Software because of the ground that it is gaining in Biblical Studies, but we also fully resonate with the organization to which this post is dedicated.

If you are only reading about Scripture, and not living Scripture, than, put simply, you have only just begun your walk with the LORD. When you dig into the life of Christ and discover Christ’s consistant devotion to self-sacrifice than you can’t help but pay forward the grace of God. You will just want to give any way that you are able – and for many people, that involves either time or money. It is to the latter that CheerGive is paving the way.

CheerGive is an easy-to-use online giving and donation platform. With no setup or monthly fees, CheerGive offers donors the ability to give online and is supported by detailed reporting and donor management tools. CheerGive provides your donors a variety of giving options, including: one-time, recurring, goal based or time based.

Additionally, no technical knowledge is required, in fact you don’t even need a website, as CheerGive offers your organization its own webpage hosted on the CheerGive network. The look and feel of your page is customizable to showcase your organization’s colors and logo. The goal of CheerGive is pretty simple; provide donors with an easy way to give and organizations with an easy way to receive and manage those donations.

CheerGive: Let’s Make Giving Simple.

Visit CheerGive online or get immediate, popular questions answered by visiting their FAQ page.

Follow CheerGive on Twitter.

Abraham: Following God’s Promise: Complete Church Curriculum for Leaders and Pastors

By the following authors: Miles Custis, Michael R. Grigoni, Douglas Mangum, and Matthew M. Whitehead. You can learn more and purchase the curriculum by visiting the product page here at Logos.com.

Official Description:

Abraham: Following God’s Promise helps your entire church dig deeper into the life of Abraham—together. This all-in-one curriculum package has something for everyone:

  • – Preaching resources and sermon starters for pastors and teachers
  • – Videos, slides, and media for the tech team
  • – Bulletin inserts and handouts for the congregation
  • – Discussion guides and videos for small group leaders
  • – A take-home book for small group members available separately for only $9.95 per person

The resource lays out the curriculum for an 8-Week study, as follows:

8-Week Program

  1. Stepping Out in Faith (Genesis 11:27–12:9)
  2. Fear versus Faith (Genesis 12:10–20)
  3. Active Faith (Genesis 14:1–24)
  4. Dealing with Doubt (Genesis 15:1–2116:1–15)
  5. Promising the Impossible (Genesis 17:1–18:15)
  6. Bargaining with God (Genesis 18:16–3319:1–38)
  7. God’s Faithfulness despite Relapse (Genesis 20:1–1821:22–34)
  8. Of Sons and Sacrifice (Genesis 21:1–2122:1–24)

What You’ll Get

  • The study book:
    • A complete introduction to the life of Abraham
    • Reflection questions to keep you focused on the text
    • Fill-in-the-blank answer boxes to keep your group engaged
    • Recommended resources to help you continue your study
    • An elegant design, featuring 32 graphics tied to the commentary—also in slide format
  • Presenting/Preaching materials:
    • 8 sermon outlines
    • 8 sermon handouts
    • A video lead-in for your sermon
    • 8 teaching slideshows, which work on PowerPoint, Keynote, and Proclaim
  • Group curriculum:
    • The leader’s book
    • 8 lesson plans
    • 8 teaching slideshows, which work on PowerPoint, Keynote, and Proclaim
    • 8 handouts with discussion questions, in Microsoft Word and PDF
    • 8 intro videos, one for each lesson, which you can download after you check out. You can also pre-order a DVD separately for $4.95.

The entire program is designed for Logos Bible Software and Logos’ Faithlife Study Bible app. It combines text and visuals with today’s most advanced Bible study tools. All Scripture passages link to your favorite Bible translation and to the original language texts in your library.

Publication Information:

  • Title: Abraham: Following God’s Promise: Complete Church Curriculum for Leaders and Pastors Authors: Miles Custis, Michael R. Grigoni, Douglas Mangum, and Matthew M. Whitehead
  • Editor: Michael R. Grigoni (Series: Studies in Faithful Living)
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software, 2012
  • Price: $21.99/mo. or $84.99



“Logos has taken group Bible study to the next level with their new Studies in Faithful Living series. Deeply engaging, biblically accurate, and filled with life-changing applications, this series is destined to be the go-to resource for lay leaders for years to come.”

—Israel Loken, Chair, Bible and Theology Departments, College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX



Abraham – how often does the church just touch on and breeze by the matter of Israel’s forefather, Abraham? What if information, presentation, and application of Scripture pertaining to the one called from among nations to form a great nation was already done for you? What if the pastor of a congregation has got more to worry about than creating a catchy slideshow or introduction video? And the weekly community groups, that stew over their sermon notes, what if they had questions directly related to the passage and supplied by the pastor? No longer is there a place for distracted, off-topic small groups — Sermon-based community groups are making ground and Logos Bible Software has created a package deal.

This 8-Week program walks through the book of Genesis, particularly the commissioning and the mission of Abraham. For the expositor, the book itself unpacks the pericopes in five easy steps:

1. “Setting the Stage” (the theme, context and historical background);

2. “A Closer Look” (walk through the event while exploring issues of interpretation, original language, and theology)

3. “Throughout the Bible” (Examines the story, biblically)

4. “Beyond the Bible” (Credits ancient documents and extrabiblical/extracanonical texts as well as theologians, church fathers, and contemporary thinkers)

5. “Application” (Concludes the chapter by exploring the event’s relevance to your journey of faith)



My evaluation? A one stop shop, literally, for everything that you’d need if you desired to walk a class, a small group, or a congregation through the life and times of Abraham. Logos Bible Software has truly done their homework and are preparing materials unlike anyone else in the world of faith-based publications. Not only is the information available, and is it displayed systematically making reader’s use of the information a snap, but it is both sound and supported.

If you have read any of my reviews up until this point, you’ll know that I always comment on how a resource is cited. Does the author appear to be rolling on his/her own opinions, attempting to created followers until they are read in the face? Or does an author consider a broad spectrum of authorship in any given topic? Furthermore, is the authorship well-supported? I am not suggesting you have to follow whatever the “spiritual superstars” are saying, but, typically when you are saying something that no one else is saying or has said, my opinion is that you are treading on dangerous territory. All that to say, the team who has accumulated the material for this product has done their homework and has considered the research and opinions of well-respected, Godly theologians and pastors. (consider also their “further reading” section at the close of every chapter – this provides readers with stepping stones for continuing the conversation if they so desire to)


I seldom give products a “star” rating, but if I would, I would give this a 4.5. This is great for pastors and even professors who desire a cursory understanding of Abraham’s ancient context and means to bring that context to light today. The only pitfall I’ve seen, as I mention this product and Logos Bible Software to others within my church body, is that not everybody is on board just yet with the digital database. Logos Bible Software has attempted to cover dilemma with allowing small group members to purchase a booklet at $9.95 a person. That minor complaint should NOT take away from the greatness of this product. This curriculum package is a sound resource that provides organized, applicable research to the ever-busy pastor. I highly recommend it to all pastors, even instructors who teach in churches.


** This book was provided free from Logos.com with my promise to post an unbiased review.

Bible Software Tour @AccordanceBible

Tuesday Tour Day

Accordance has just recently published a video making mention of the many layers that are at work as you search through your Biblical library. As you learn about all of the tagging and research that has been done in the background of the bible software, watch this short video to learn about the new FLEX SEARCH feature.


Find the video here: YouTube or Vimeo.


Bible Software Tour

I will be incorporating an array of Bible Software Reviews throughout my book review website. I will be featuring reviews from Accordance Bible Software, BibleWorks, and Logos Bible Software. I will be completing the reviews in that order (alphabetically – Accordance, BibleWorks and then Logos). Brave Reviews will also soon be featuring webpages specific to each software platform, so if you just want to learn about Accordance alone you can simply click on the Accordance or software page.

Accordance 10

My advice? Add www.thebravereviews.com to your RSS reader and stay in touch! More advice? Sign up to our monthly newsletter by clicking —> here <— yeah, right there.

The reviews will highlight tools specific to each software platform in hopes to educate my audience on what is offered. This is not a survey of the Bible software programs that seeks to conclude with which one is “best.” The more that I learn and study with each program, the more I see the strengths and weaknesses of each (and, yes, all three programs have strengths and weaknesses).

To wet your whistle a little and introduce you to Accordance, watch this brief three minute video about Accordance 10.

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