God’s Favorite Place on Earth by @FrankViola

God’s Favorite Place on Earth is Frank Viola’s “life’s work.” It just released. Click here to read the free Sampler Click here to watch the video trailer Click here to order the book on discount Here are the reviews … “In Frank Viola’s hands, the story of Lazarus—like Lazarus himself—once again comes to life. In a […]

Abraham: Following God’s Promise: Complete Church Curriculum for Leaders and Pastors

By the following authors: Miles Custis, Michael R. Grigoni, Douglas Mangum, and Matthew M. Whitehead. You can learn more and purchase the curriculum by visiting the product page here at Logos.com. Official Description: Abraham: Following God’s Promise helps your entire church dig deeper into the life of Abraham—together. This all-in-one curriculum package has something for everyone: – Preaching resources and […]

Pilgrim Theology: Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples by Michael Horton

The 2011 award-winning publication The Christian Faith garnered wide praise as a thorough, well-informed treatment of the philosophical foundations of Christian theology, the classical elements of systematic theology, and exegesis of relevant biblical texts. Pilgrim Theology distills the distinctive benefits of this approach into a more accessible introduction designed for classroom and group study. In […]