One of your wrote to me and I respect and seriously consider your messages. It has been brought to my attention (and I honestly wish that I knew who brought it to my attention) that the newly redesigned website is wonderful but “choppy,” or a bit disjointed. I know that a lot of folks stop by thebravereviews.com for our giveaway but I encourage you to take a look around our book review website and provide me with whatever feedback that you have; whether it be deeply thought out insight or even initial thoughts on the matter.

I smell some a few free books for those who provide me with legitimate fix-er-upper points for thebravereviews.com.

2 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP . . .”

  1. The site looks great. No problems when I’m at home. My work blocks ads and so it doesn’t look as good when I’m at work (but there isn’t anything you can do about that)!

    Have you seen the new challies site?

    1. Jeff – much thanks for that feedback. You’ve been alongside this bravereviews journey for quite some time so I really appreciate your thoughts.
      I have NOT yet seen it, but I will take a look!

      Grace + Peace

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