Unfriend Yourself by Kyle Tennant @kh_tennant

Three days. No Facebook. No Twitter. No social media. Just time to detox, discern, and decide. Take a three-day social media fast with Unfriend Yourself and learn to examine your use of social media from a Christian perspective. This book will guide you in evaluating your fast by asking challenging questions such as: What happens when I broadcast […]

Blog: Unhappy where I am. Is this church for me?

I do a lot of work with those “dreadful,” “dead end,” “discontent,” and “divisive” millennials. You know who I’m talking about – not because you’ve taken the time to sit and listen to them but because you’ve read the blogs. You’ve seen the latest books on ministering to them. You know the stats. You’ve heard […]

New Giveaway, New Prizes!

A huge thanks to all those who are regularly following and entering the giveaways on the website! Every month the number of entrants grow alongside the amount of prizes that we’re able to give away. October has ended and the winners will soon be announced! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (on the top […]