In this 30 for 30 post, I battled being disciplined with working out, watched Star Wars, and added something new to my bucket list! Check it out.

For this whole 30 for 30 push, I think I’ve committed to much more than I thought I did when I clicked publish on my first post! I want to stay true to my word and document as much as possible and that is why I created one of the tasks as a new blog post each week. If you don’t see an update from me, call me out on it!

So not a ton of new stuff has happened since things got underway a week ago, but strides have been made to finish this giant list. What have I done? Well …

  • I promised to work out at least four times a week. I have really slacked off on staying shape since graduating college (who hasn’t, right?). I feel like when I don’t work out I get even more stressed out because I don’t work out and that stresses me out and causes me to go into a slump where I don’t work out … you get the picture. It is cyclical and exhausting and sometimes I need to just get off my butt and workout! Well, this past week I made it a point to work out four times. And I feel 100x better than I did at the end of last week. I really need to stay active!
  • I also committed to watching all of the Star Wars movies. While I didn’t get through every movie, I did knock out the first of the Star Wars movie (Star Wars A New Hope). It was double cool because I was joined by a few other guys at work (and my dog Phil — who you need to meet if you haven’t yet). That ended up being an awesome way to end a crazy work week!
  • Beyond regular savings that we do, I have also put aside the dollar a day that I committed to saving! Looking forward to finding something great to put this toward when all is said and done. Any suggestions?
  • I’ve added another item to my list. I had two spots remaining at the bottom of my list for things yet to be determined. I filled one of those two spots with adding a visit to see a couple of the most incredible people in the world, the Reisdorfs. They’re super nice and compassionate people who have been one of the the most tangible representations of the church that I have ever seen.
  • As far as seeing a band from the 90s live, we now have tickets to see Third Eye Blind live in Canton, Ohio at The Palace Theatre! Am I excited? Umm… yes!!

Stay tuned because I’ll be getting some video updates of all this fun stuff as we go! I still have one more spot on my 30 for 30 list that needs filled, any suggestions? Comment below.

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