’30 for 30′ is 30 things to do while I’m 30. I’d encourage you to read through, offer your own advice, tell me below what I should have added (or what is ridiculous for haven added), and definitely tell me what you want to be a part of — because I’ll need some help here:

  1. Run Manitou Incline in Colorado. Yes, this will involve a trip to Colorado. I’ve already got flight deal alerts set up. Let’s do this.
  2. Fall Hiking Spree (Sept – Nov 2016). Northeast Ohio has beautiful trails and the hiking spree covers a number of those trails!
  3. No Smartphone for 30 Days. I am enamored with my smartphone. I will keep it shut off for 30 days. Seriously. You think you could do it?
  4. Make an entire outfit myself. From the shoes to the hat, I have to fashion every part of the outfit myself. Maybe I’ll go the extra step of having to wear it to work one day!
  5. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway. I’ve always wanted to do the Ales on Rails and this time I’m going to make it happen. Looks like this’ll have to be Fall 2016.
  6. Hike over 20 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Hiking and camping along the trail would will be amazing!
  7. Visit Mackinaw Island. Michigan is gorgeous and I’ve traveled throughout the state a number of times, but I’ve never got to experience this unique motor-free island.
  8. Bros with Roger fire night. Having a brother in Brooklyn, in Phoenix, and another in Ohio, us four brothers don’t get together enough. My Dad owns a campground and I want to get all four of us together for one night around a fire.
  9. Go to a Cavs game. I want to see Lebron James, not much more to say beyond that.
  10. Finish another triathlon. A shorter sprint triathlon qualifies for this one, but maybe I’ll step up my game and do a longer event. Who’s coming with me?
  11. Help build a house. I want to do something that will change someone else’s life and I have Habitat for Humanity in mind here.
  12. Go hunting. I’ve never shot anything but a target before and I’ve heard that hunting is a complete adrenaline rush (if you actually see something, haha).
  13. Sleep under the stars. I haven’t gone camping for a while! Take a trip to a campground and relax under the open sky.
  14. Walk across the Purple People Bridge. If not just because it’s the coolest name ever, but I’m also terrified of heights so I want to walk across the upper level of this Cincinnati landmark.
  15. Be part of a Flash Mob. I don’t think this needs any explanation. If you have wind of a flashmob nearby, you NEED to let me know.
  16. Pretend to work a shift somewhere. Dress up in similar garb as the employees of the store and help shoppers find what they’re looking for.
  17. New Testament. I’ve built a habit of substituting consistent Scripture reading for conversations and reading books. I’ll read through the New Testament.
  18. Date my wife. Things get busy and sometimes marriage feels more like roommate (if you’re married, you likely know what I’m saying). Plan a creative date night once a month for Kortney and me.
  19. A month of not eating meat. Easily the hardest thing on the list so far … but this is for my vegetarian friends out there.
  20. Save $1 a day. This is to build a habit of setting small amounts of money aside, but I’m hoping to make an impact in someone’s life with it when all is said and done.
  21. A new blog post written every week (at jasonbrueckner.com). This will summarize what has been done from my list or will act as a public-facing journal (marketing, faith, travels, family, friends, etc.)
  22. Star Wars. I confessed this later in the list because I didn’t want everyone to hate me at the beginning … I’ve never seen Star Wars and I think it’s time to watch them all.
  23. Review a Brew. I want to visit, try and review an Ohio-local brewery or coffee house every month. You tell me, what places do I need to stop at?
  24. Barre Boy. Kortney is an instructor at a local barre studio and she has challenged me to go to one of her classes (and not make fun of it while I’m there … and I can bring one guy with me).
  25. Lower loans. Loans are a pain in the butt and our culture needs a handle on them. Not only that, but everyone is afraid to talk about there money. I have a couple of school loans and I want to knock out at least one of my loans.
  26. Work that body. We are so quick to throw taking care of ourselves to the back burner (I am, at least). I am going to commit to working out 4x a week.
  27. 90’s Concert. There are zero bands better than those from the 90’s. Zero. I will attend a concert of a band from the 90’s.
  28. Museum Musings. Visit 5 museums!
  29. Visit the Reisdorfs. I don’t expect the majority of readers to know who the Reisdorfs are, but if you do know who they are than you know exactly why this is added to my list of things to do — they’re awesome.
  30. ??? — What should I add — ???

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