Here’s my attempt at sharing some sort of update for the month of January. I wanted to write a whole lot more than I have been. After the absolute crazy transition a few months back, I found myself falling off of the writing bandwagon. That’s sad because there have been handfuls of people who leave us random messages and, with all that is going on our way, we have a hard time staying in touch with our dears friends that we moved away from. So here’s my attempt to share what’s happening with us:

You likely already know that we’re working through pretty significant transitions with work. Being a part of the team at Christ Community Chapel has been a wild ride, and the role that I was hired in as (Copywriter) has already transitioned to something new (Project Manager + Copywriter). What’s that mean, exactly? It means that I’m somewhat of a traffic light between the Communications team and all that happens at our church. When a ministry wants to make something happen and then get the word out, they work with our team to make it happen – and I’m the one that’s supposed to have a pulse on where we are at with everything (I admit, the Comm team that makes me look good). On the upside, I get to work with the entire staff of CCC on a daily basis and that’s really cool.

And Kortney is on a wild ride, too. Still an R.N., Kortney’s also an online health and wellness coach (no seriously, you can learn more and be a part of her groups by checking out She’s working hard to keep me in line at home (I like to workout, but I eat too much junk food) and she works training a group of people online. She’s guiding clients in what they eat, how they think about themselves, and what they do to stay fit physically. She’s also an instructor at Alter’d Core in Hudson, and she’s doing an incredible job there too. I dig it.

Work is fun, but it was great to take a break and run down to Florida with the family this month. We spent a week down in Fort Myers, also visiting Sanibel Island and a couple of pit stops on the drive down and back. It was amazing how taking the time to unplug really helps me to regain a proper perspective on what priorities Kortney and I have. This transition has been about much more than just jobs, but also our marriage, our finances, our health, our future together, and more. The trip, especially the drive down and back (we listened to Scary Close by Donald Miller and I highly recommend it), allowed us space to talk about the transition and all that’s ahead for us. And most importantly, I got a sunburn in January … and that’s always a good thing.

Other random updates that come to mind are that Phil is doing amazing. He spends most of his days napping, eating, barking at other dogs, and avoiding patches of ice when heading out to potty. Brave Daily has a growing reach and vision, espeically with the launch of our partner platform on Patreon. And I’m off to a slow start with training, but my marathon training officially started January 13. I’m actually bundled up to go run right now, and I’ll be doing that in 20-degree temps when I’m done with this.

P.S. Yes, I took that picture above … that was right before a morning run in Florida! I’ll add some more pictures from Florida below.

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