I’m sitting here with my coffee cup in hand, getting Friday started. The newness of the recent transition is starting to fade a bit as we settle into our new place, with our new schedules. I genuinely miss seeing the people that I would every day when we were living south a bit. I even find myself posting general things on social media, like “Tell me something you’re learning!” or “How’s your day going?” with hopes of hearing back from the people that we moved away from. The move wasn’t far, and we’re meeting new friends that are incredible, but I feel like I invested a lot into the Canton area community and the quick transition pulled us out of there so quickly! All that said, I don’t want to sound like we’re not looking forward to what’s ahead–just reach out and say hello if it comes to mind!

So a couple other updates our way:

  • christ community chapel philI’ve settled into the role of Content Writer at Christ Community Chapel. They made me this frame of Phil as a gift. I’ve already found myself with plenty of work! It’s amazing the amount of content that is written, proofed, printed, and shared in a community the size of CCC. And now I see sentences like puzzles, always wondering if it is put together the best that it can be (particularly when I am the one doing the writing).
  • Kortney has leaned into Alter’d Core and they officially opened their studio to the public not long ago. It’s somewhat tough to explain what Lagree and Alter’d Core is, especially in a blog post, so I’d say to hop over to the Alter’d Core Facebook Page if you want to actually see what it’s all about. I have really enjoyed the balance that it brings to how much running that I do… so I’m a big fan and I’ll go back often.alterd core hudson
  • And the reason why I titled this blog nine years… Kortney and I just celebrated nine years of marriage with a hiking trip down to Hocking Hills. Anniversary tradition is that we take a road trip someplace new for us. When we got hitched, we didn’t think that we’d be hitting the reset button on things at this point. If you’d of asked me then, I’d probably say we’d have a huge house, a few kids, and in our “dream jobs” (whatever that means to us stupid millennials) by now. That said, I think that Kort and I are exactly where we want to be and doing exactly what we want to be doing. I don’t think we’ve been happier or more confident in what we’re doing.


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