Dear Donald Miller

There is a lot of attention right now being given to the following post from Don Miller – the one reenforcing people to not go to church “often” if they simply aren’t feeling it. I have listened to him a great deal. I too have read most all of his writing and I resonate with […]

Featured: Finding God in a Storm [#Kindle Edition]

Finding God in a Storm is a devotional illustrated book written for Readers who are experiencing loss, worry and anxiety, bereavement, job loss, illness, depression, emotional pain and heartache or approaching a crossroads in their lives. The book is a collection of biblical scriptures and images supported by words of encouragement and inspiration. It is […]

Blog: Unhappy where I am. Is this church for me?

I do a lot of work with those “dreadful,” “dead end,” “discontent,” and “divisive” millennials. You know who I’m talking about – not because you’ve taken the time to sit and listen to them but because you’ve read the blogs. You’ve seen the latest books on ministering to them. You know the stats. You’ve heard […]

What do you do on your day off?

I’m sitting at home right now by myself. I work a few different jobs and today is different. Today, with the help of divine intervention no doubt, I do not have anything on the schedule. I have already woke up and had a “productive” day. I woke up, kissed my wife goodbye as she headed […]