I simply cannot believe that we’ve been in our place in Cuyahoga Falls for over a month now. We’ve explored new areas, met new people, started new jobs and time has absolutely flown by. I think that the craziness of last month’s move has calmed quite a bit and the dust has settled.

Even with the dust settling, I want to keep folks in the loop of my thoughts and what is happening our way. I’ll try to write as often as I remember to and I hope it’ll allow us to keep the conversation going.

Here are the latest updates on our end:

  • The new Lagree fitness studio that Kortney will be a part of opens up this month! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Alter’d Core (I say that as I eat a giant bowl of spaghetti).
  • I’m a couple of weeks in at Christ Community Chapel and I’m officially their Content Writer, so if you see any misspelled words or misuse of the oxford comma… don’t blame me, it just means I haven’t taken a look at it yet.
  • This month Kortney and I celebrate nine years of being married! That’s absolutely nuts. We will accept Starbucks gift cards and/or handwritten letters as gifts, thank you (kidding! but seriously…).
  • I’m three months out from running in another marathon. Late October we’ll be in Columbus and I’ll be trying to survive the Columbus Marathon. I’m feeling ambitious and thinking of trying my hand at the Boston Qualifying time of 3:04. Any advice for me?
  • The picture above is from the Hall of Fame Festival Balloon Classic. We had a lot of fun there with a few of our friends.
  • We just watched the movie The Gift (it’s on Netflix). If you want an insanely intense, somewhat creepy movie that Kortney would not recommend to you, I say you give it a try.

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